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Stem cell conditioned media profiles and potential uses in erectile dysfunction (#322)

Ryan Terlecki (USA)

The effectiveness of pixel co2 laser in the treatment of sexual complaints of patients with vulvovaginal atrophy (#401)

E.A.G. Pereyra (Brazil)

Study of the histological components and the development of the prostate during the fetal period (#402)

F. Sampaio (Brazil)

Surgical management algorithm for complex cases of Peyronie’s Disease with penile prosthesis implantation, modified neurovascular bundle release and single or multiple corporeal incisions and grafting with collagen fleece (#403)

E. Fernández-Pascual (Spain)

Staged urethroplasty for recurrent complex urethral strictures (#404)

B. Gvasalia (Russia)

Sexual life outcomes after radical cystectomy with external urinary derivation (#405)

K. Chaker (Tunisia)

Stability of genetic and environmental influences on female sexual functioning (#406)

Andrea Burri (United Kingdom)

Study of Correlation between family values and opinion regarding surrogacy among Taiwanese (#407)

S. Yang (Taiwan)

Structure of sexual disorders in persons with type 2 diabetes mellitus (#408)

M.G. Romaniuk (Ukraine)

Standardized lecture components in sexuality education in Japanese medical schools (#409)

M. Shirai (Japan)

The relationship between body image and marital satisfaction with the mediating role of sexual satisfaction (#410)

M.A. Ramezani (Iran)

Surgical sperm retrieval in Non-Obstructive Azoospermia(NOA) - How do we predict success? (#411)

A.K. Ponnusamy (India)

Symptoms, sexual dysfunction and psychological burden in Chinese men with chronic prostatitis/ chronic pelvic pain syndrome (#412)

J. Gao (China)

Tadalafil, dapoxetine alone or in combination for the treatment of erectile dysfunction combined with premature ejaculation (#413)

H. Zhou (China)

The implication of aortic calcification on late onset hypogonadism in patients with end stage renal disease (#414)

N. Fujita (Japan)

The importance of proper placebo-control in sexual medicine medical device trials (#415)

Michael Krychman (USA)

The prevalence and comparison of sexual dysfunction among Egyptian expatriates, Egyptian citizens, and Saudi citizens according to (ASAS-M) (#416)

A. Attaky (Saudi Arabia)

The pro-erectile and anti-fibrotic effects of the nutraceutical Revactin® are mediated by activation of the iNOS-cGMP pathway (#417)

M.G. Ferrini (USA)

The relationship between premature ejaculation and lower urinary tract symptoms in mid to old men (#418)

K. Min (Korea)

The results of introduction of national program"Men's reproductive health" in Kazakhstan (#419)

M.K. Alchinbayev (Kazakhstan)

The role of microscopic examination in the diagnosis of chronic bacterial prostatitis (#420)

D.V. Krakhotkin (Russia)

The sNHE channel in human sperm: relation with functional parameters and down-regulation in spermatozoa from patients with asthenozoospermia (#421)

Z. Zhang (China)

The impact of sacral neuromodulation on male erectile function (#422)

P. Simoes de Oliveira (Portugal)

The impact of preoperative daily PDE5 inhibitors on the early recovery of erectile function following robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (#423)

Shinichi Hisasue (Japan)

The impact of pregnancy and delivery on sexual life (#424)

I. Briedite (Latvia)

The assessment of the optimization of the erbium laser therapy protocol for treatment of erectile dysfunction (#425)

H. Kotb (Egypt)

The attitudes toward Sexual rights of transgender people and sociodemographic characteristics involved in the recognition and denial (#426)

M. Silvaggi (Italy)

The diet based on oil of Brazil nut (Bertholletia excels) minimizes the alterations on testicular morphology related to obesity in Wistar rats (#427)

C. Gallo (Brazil)

The effect of cavernous nerve traction on erectile function in rats (#428)

J.H. Liu (China)

The emergency treatment strategy and prognosis of priapism in a Chinese clinic (#429)

M. Zhang (China)

The endocannabinoid system in male reproductive organs: expression and localization of fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH) in the seminal vesicles and vas deferens (#430)

S. Ueckert (Germany)

The Igls-Vienna SexMed-Survy Programm - assessing the integration of sexual health aspects in disease management by various health professions and medical disciplines - the concept _ Medical University Vienna, Univ.Clinic for Surgery _ 2017 (#431)

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

The impact of liraglutide treatment on the erectile function of the diabetic rats (#432)

S. Gonultas (Turkey)

The surgical management of traumatic penoscrotal skin avulsion (#433)

H. Yao (China)

Prospective evaluation of depression and sleep disorders in patients presenting to a men’s health clinic (#434)

Faysal Yafi (USA)

Salvage of (partial) neo-urethral necrosis after phalloplasty in transgender men (#435)

M. Al-tamimi (The Netherlands)

Sampling technique and detection rates of oropharyngeal and anorectal gonorrhoea using nucleic acid amplification tests in men who have sex with men (#436)

E.P.F. Chow (Australia)

Screening for sexual dysfunction in male diabetic patients - an evidence-based review. (#437)

J. Dias (Portugal)

Scrotal trauma - results of a series of surgically treated patients (#438)

J. Torres (Portugal)

Semen quality assessment in 3425 fertile men in Guangdong province (#439)

F.P. Shu (China)

Serum testosterone in diabetic men is not linked to diabetic control (#440)

S. Giona (United Kingdom)

Serum total testosterone level is not associated with nocturia in men with erectile dysfunction without LUTS/benign prostatic (#441)

Andrea Salonia (Italy)

Severe vaginal hemorrhage requiring surgical repair after consensual sex: a retrospective review in one medical center (#442)

A. Padoa (Israel)

Risk factors for erectile dysfunction among young men – findings of a real-life cross-sectional study (#443)

Andrea Salonia (Italy)

Resveratrol attenuates metabolic, sperm and testicular changes in adult Wistar rats fed a cafeteria dietary Resveratrol attenuates metabolic, sperm and testicular changes in adult Wistar rats fed a cafeteria dietary (#444)

F. Sampaio (Brazil)

Relevance of testicular histopathology on prediction of sperm retrieval rates after a conventional bilateral multiple TESE in case of non-obstructive azoospermia (NOA) and obstructive-azoospermia (OA) (#445)

G. Cito (Italy)

Protective effect of DA-9401 in finasteride-induced apoptosis in rat testis: inositol requiring kinase 1 and c-Jun N-terminal kinase pathway (#446)

B.R. Choi (Korea)

Psychological distress in a sample of men with Peyronie's Disease attending a private urology clinic in Germany (#447)

Andrea Burri (United Kingdom)

Psychopathological predictors of pedophilic sexual interest in a sample of convicted child sexual offenders (#448)

J. Carvalho (Portugal)

Quality of life after medical versus surgical castration for locally advanced or metastatic prostate cancer (#449)

K. Chaker (Tunisia)

AIDS related care for transgender people: a systematic review. (#450)

A.M. Vaitses Fontanari (Brazil)

Addressing patients sexuality - a survey of Danish health professionals attitudes, beliefs and practice (#451)

M.K. Stokholm (Denmark)

Relationship between radiation doses and development of erectile dysfunction in patients treated with permanent prostate brachytherapy for localized prostate cancer (#452)

N. Hayakawa (Japan)

Relationship between sexual dysfunction and psychological burden in men with infertility: a large observational study in China (#453)

J. Gao (China)

Sexual abuse, desired frequency of sexual activities and poor relationship with father is associated with prevalence of paraphilic preference: a study on representative sample of Czech citizens (#454)

K. Klapilova (Czech Republic)

Sexual addiction: risk factor for development neurodegenerative disorder as dementia (#455)

A. Attaky (Saudi Arabia)

Sexual and reproductive health in women undergoing mid-trimester pregnancy termination (MTPT) below 24 weeks of gestational age (GA) in a single obstetric unit in Singapore (#456)

S. Choo (Singapore)

Sexuality and family education in violent and sexual offender (#457)

V. Saladino (Italy)

Sexuality and prostatic cancer: A “Couple Ilness" (#458)

M. Falone Percivale (Italy)

A retroprospective study of the treatment of erectile dysfunction with extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) (#459)

A. Højgaard (Denmark)

Sexuality in patients undergone surgery for urological cancers (#460)

L. Lund (Denmark)

Sexuality in people suffering from schizophrenia spectrum: relationship between sexual functioning, psychopathological symptoms and global functioning (#461)

G. Ciocca (Italy)

Silicone lubricant in community clinic survey - results from the SLICC survey (#462)

Michael Krychman (USA)

Small penis anxiety: a case study of its effect on a gay man (#463)

R. Kunelaki (United Kingdom)

Socio-demographic and psychological characteristics associated to the attitude towards homoparenting (#464)

G. Ciocca (Italy)

Sexual outcomes after fracture of the penis (#465)

A. Kayal (India)

Sexual functioning in people taking antidepressants and healthy volunteers in Japan: A cross sectional online survey (#466)

Anita Clayton (USA)

Sexual function in males after radical cystectomy (#467)

J. Xiaodong (China)

Sexual behaviors in dementia patients (#468)

T. Teodoro (Portugal)

Sexual debut age according to the social economic status in Korea (#469)

S. Yoo (Korea)

Sexual disorders in women with recurrent infection of the lower urinary tracts caused by HPV infection (#470)

D.V. Krakhotkin (Russia)

Sexual dysfunction in female university student and it correlation with body image (#471)

K.C. Bragante (Brazil)

Sexual dysfunction in portuguese women with type 2 diabetes (#472)

N. Marques (Portugal)

Sexual dysfunctions in women in premenopause (#473)

O. Romashchenko (Ukraine)

Sexual education and sexual issues in male students in a secondary school: andrological perspective (#474)

G. Gentile (Italy)

Sexual function in a representative sample of Italian female university students (#475)

M. Silvaggi (Italy)

Sperm retrieval rate: comparative single surgeon results between first 30 consecutive c-TESE and first 30 m-TESE in NOA patients (#476)

A. Sacca (Italy)

The value of monitoring nocturnal penile tumescence and rigidity testing (NPTR) for three consecutive nights in the forensic identification. (#477)

Y. Zhang (China)

Sexual problems and couple disharmony in bipolar patients - a case series (#478)

N. Trovão (Portugal)

Visual patterns of sexual desire among male and female participants: an original and exploratory eye tracking study (#479)

M. Bolmont (Switzerland)

Quality of life among patients with patients with chronic renal failure (#480)

N. Ati (Tunisia)

Dienogest for the treatment of dyspareunia caused by endometriosis (#481)

L. Pkhaladze (Georgia)

Double eight plication: Decreasing recurrence rate in corrective surgery for penile curvature (#482)

Osama Shaeer (Egypt)

Sensitivity before and after gender confirming surgery on the glans penis and neoclitoris (#483)

H. Sigurjonsson (Sweden)

Urethral lithiasis after neophalloplasty (#484)

M.P. Lourenço (Portugal)

Skin bridges that occur after circumcision operation and surgical treatment: Case presentation (#485)

Selcuk Sarikaya (Turkey)

Preliminary findings on sexual functioning and urinary incontinence after radical prostatectomy (#486)

Ana Luísa Quinta Gomes (Portugal)

Exploratory study on sexual behavior and sexual satisfaction in men after radical prostatectomy (#487)

Ana Luísa Quinta Gomes (Portugal)

Shaeer's Monsplasty: A minimally invasive technique for revealing the concealed penis (#488)

O. Kamal Shaeer (Egypt)

Low-energy shock waves in treatment of erectile dysfunction. Clinical experience with the first one hundred patients in Venezuela (#489)

G. Bastidas (Venezuela)

The status of serum urotensin-II in patients with erectile dysfunction (#490)

S.K. Singh (India)

Towards the individualization of vaginal dilatation exercises: A Quantitative analysis of the variability of vaginal pressure responses (#491)

S. Knorn (Sweden)

Impact of Laparoscopic promontofixation on sexuality and quality of life (#492)

M. Amri (Tunisia)

Bodily beliefs and bodily expression of emotions among a group of iranian women with vaginismus (#493)

M. Molaeinezhad (Iran)

Penile lengthening with porcine small intestinal submucosa grafting in Peyronie’s disease treatment: long-term surgical outcomes, patients satisfaction and dissatisfaction predictors. (#494)

A. Morgado (Portugal)

Oversizing: Penile prosthesis implantation as per the erect length by intra-cavernosal injection of vasoactive material (#496)

O. Kamal Shaeer (Egypt)

Penile size prediction post-prosthesis implantation via intraoperative intracorporeal injection; a novel tool (#497)

A.M. Ragheb (Egypt)

Sexual dysfunction among postmenopausal Tunisian women (#498)

N. Ati (Tunisia)

Effect of norbornene derivative in corpus cavernosum relaxation, as 5-HT1A agonist and 5-HT2A antagonist (#499)

A.F.O. Justo (Brazil)

Sexual dysfunction in women with locally advanced or metastatic cancer – a cross sectional study (#500)

L. Campos (Brazil)

Primary urethral malignant melanoma that is complicating sexual intercourse (#501)

Selcuk Sarikaya (Turkey)

Why don’t you share your satisfaction with me? (#502)

Z. Shahvari (Iran)

First sexual intercourse: age, personal experiences, sexual behavior, attitudes and regrets among women (#503)

I. Briedite (Latvia)

Pleasure Dissociative Orgasmic Disorder: a case report and literature review (#504)

B.C. Barata (Portugal)

Purse-string closure of penile implant corporotomies: a needleless, water-tight technique (#505)

Osama Shaeer (Egypt)

The importance of communication between doctor and patient in the management of Erectile dysfunction – a clinical study of 120 cases (#506)

M. Amri (Tunisia)

Withhold expressing sexual expectations: a qualitative study in Iranian women (#507)

Z. Shahvari (Iran)

Continuance of marital life: the hidden dimension of sexual relationship in marriage; a qualitative study in Iranian Women (#508)

Z. Shahvari (Iran)

The impact of attachment style on sexual functioning among men and women (#509)

M. Amri (Tunisia)

Reflections on cost-effectiveness of colagenase in the treatment of Peyronie's Didease in a public system (#510)

C. Conde Redonde (Spain)

Clinical patterns: The big difference between Peyronie´s disease and Chronic traumatic cavernosophaty (CTC) (#511)

J.F. Uribe (Colombia)

Penile trauma secondary to aggression - particularities and prognosis (#512)

R. Multescu (Romania)

Epidemiology and impact of erectile dysfunction among 120 elderly patients (#513)

M. Amri (Tunisia)

Sperm DNA integrity in patients with varicocele: relationships between DNA fragmentation and bulk semen parameters (#515)

V. Alargkof (Bulgaria)

Mental health status of treatment seeking young transgender people: a comparative study between young transgender people and the general population (#516)

J. Arcelus (United Kingdom)

Who drops out from the UCM therapy? Psychological, social and clinical factors related to continuation of the UCM therapy (#517)

S. Jakima (Poland)

When do primary care doctors actively ask for erectile dysfunction (ED) their patients in 50? (#518)

G. Tsigarovski (Bulgaria)

What evidence is there for physiotherapeutic treatments, applied to pelvic floor, for whatever pelvic floor dysfunction in people with Multiple Sclerosis? A systematic review (#519)

A.B. Martín-González (Spain)

Web promotion of da Vinci robotic prostatectomy exhibits varying sexual health information (#520)

K. Matsushita (Japan)

Vibrator-assisted start-stop exercises in conjunction with body awareness training improve premature ejaculation symptoms: a randomized waiting list controlled study (#521)

D. Ventus (Finland)

Vacuum erection device reduce peyronie-like plaque in PD rat model via TGF-beta/SMAD signaling pathway (#522)

J. Yuan (China)

Vacuum erection device and Phosphodiesterase5 inhibitors for the treatment of erectile dysfunction: a systematic review and meta analysis of randomized controlled trials (#523)

Q. An (China)

Vaccinating male individuals against human papillomavirus - an evidence-based review (#524)

J. Dias (Portugal)

Utility of elastography in erectile dysfunction and its relationship with doppler ultrasound (#525)

L.M. Helguero-Santin (Peru)

Types of female prostate gland (#526)

O. Romashchenko (Ukraine)

Tribulus terrestris can change the morphology of the penis? A study developed in a model of pre-disposition to benign prostatic hyperplasia (#527)

F.J. Sampaio (Brazil)

Treatment of chronic recurrent bacterial prostatitis with multiple drug resistance to antibacterial agents (#528)

D.V. Krakhotkin (Russia)

Treating erectile dysfunction with a combination of low-intensity shock waves (LISW) and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections (#529)

A. Ruffo (Italy)

Towards a globally shared taxonomy of the different conditions diagnosed as unconsummated marriage (#530)

M. Silvaggi (Italy)

Improvement of erectile function by intracavernous injection of hepatocyte growth factor in a rat model of erectile dysfunction after cavernous nerve injury (#531)

S. Yoo (Korea)

Time to first infertility diagnosis and sperm retrieval rate: results after 30 consecutive micro TESE in NOA patients (#532)

A. Sacca (Italy)

Therapeutic effect of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound on erectile dysfunction: A multicenter clinical trial (#533)

Zhong-Cheng Xin (China)

A preliminary study of etiological factors in patients with calculi-associated seminal vesiculitis, based on calculus analysis in 6 patients (#534)

G. Wang (China)

A novel therapeutic method for azoospermia resulted from distal deferential obstruction (#535)

T. Jing (China)

Brachyterapy and sexual morbidity (#536)

G. Falcao (Portugal)

Dorsal phalloplasty: Revealing the concealed penis along with penile prosthesis implantation (#537)

O. Kamal Shaeer (Egypt)

Effects of female genital mutilation/cutting on birth - a retrospective case-control-study (#538)

D. Dörfler (Austria)

Evaluation of sexual dysfunction after radical cystectomy for muscle invasive bladder cancer in male patients and their spouses with orthotopic ileal neobladder or ileal conduit (#540)

M.E. Haque (Bangladesh)

"Do Surgeons performing cytoreductive therapy, such as HPEC and PIPAC, in peritoneal cancer patients adress troubled sexual health in disease-management-programs? Igls-Vienna-SexMed-Survey-Program: Participants' self-assessment-results at the HIPEC/PIPAC-

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Overexpression of the calcium-binding protein regucalcin mitigates the age-associated changes in oxidative stress and semen quality (#542)

A.M.S. Silva (Portugal)

Extra-Corporal Trans-Septal Penile Prosthesis Implantation for Cases of Corporal Fibrosis (#543)

Osama Shaeer (Egypt)

Do health professionals in physical medicine and rehabilitation adress sexual health issues during the process of patients' treatment and recovery? Igls-Vienna-SexMed-Survey-Program: Participants' self-assessment-results at the annual Austrian Congress of

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Is troubled sexual health part of interventional radiologists' patient-management? Igls-Vienna-SexMed-Survey-Program: Health professionals' self-assessment-results at the annual Three-Nations-Conference of the Interventional Radiological Societies, IROS,

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Assessment of predictors of abnormal peak systolic velocity and end diastolic velocity in penile doppler ultrasound (#546)

S. Giona (United Kingdom)

Sexuality in multicultural Portugal – A cross-cultural survey of sexual and reproductive health indicators between Portuguese, Brazilians, Cape Verdeans, Angolans, Guineans and Sao Tomeans living in Portugal (#547)

A. Barroso (Portugal)

A comparative study of changes in sperm parameters before and after testicular tumor surgery (#548)

H. Iwai (Japan)

A comparison of bovine pericardium and tachosil graft procedure for Peyronie's Disease (#549)

C. Fliatouras (Greece)

A Meta-analysis and systematic review of dapoxetine for treatment of premature ejaculation (#550)

Q. An (China)

A novel algorithm for assessment of penile fibrosis in men with erectile dysfunction (#551)

Irwin Goldstein (USA)

A novel method of penoplasty with“T” circus incision and three - point fixation for concealed penis (#552)

G. Wang (China)

The ‘heat’ goes away: sexual disorders of married women with female genital mutilation /cutting in 52 (#553)

T. Esho (Kenya)

Do clinical psychologists at Medical University Vienna integrate patients' sexual problems in routine consultation_self-assessment's results, meeting, Vienna, November 2017 (#554)

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Do young surgeons in training in Europe and Asia integrate sexual health in daily treatment - self-assessment-results at the Davos Courses in Gastrointestinal Surgery, Davos, April 2017 (#555)

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Does percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration actually cause epididymal obstruction? (#556)

C. Cairoli

Doppler test in penis flaccid state to asses erectile dysfunction severity and shockwave treatment outcomes (#557)

M. Gatkin (Russia)

Analysis of early prognosis and complication of laparoscopic bilateral inguinal lymph node dissection in penile cancer (#558)

Y. Zhang (China)

Dysasthetic penile scrotodynia - a psychosexual somatoform disorder (#559)

V. Long (Singapore)

Early erotization as a predictor of hypersexuality in depressive mood states (#560)

N. Nersisyan (Armenia)

Analysis of unsuccessful treatment of lifelong premature ejaculation with dapoxetine (#561)

J. Guo (China)

Effect of liraglutide on streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat testis (#562)

S. Sulejman (Turkey)

Do vascular surgeons in Austria integrate patients' sexual issues in routine surgical procedures and vascular disease management - self-assessment-results at the annual congress of the Austrian society for vascular surgery, St Wolfgang, October 2017 (#563

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Do socioeconomic factors influence the pathogenesis of erectile dysfunction through modifiable risk factors? (#564)

M. Womperski (Poland)

Do doctors in 3-year-training for family medicine specialisation integrate patients' sexual problems in routine management - medical self-assessment-results at a weekly lecture, Vienna, April 2017 (#565)

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Do doctors in angiology/ vascular medicine tackle sexual health problems in patients' routine-treatment in Austria - survey on doctors self-assessing daily routine at the international Angiologic Academy Vienna-Berlin, Vienna, June 2017 (#566)

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Do doctors specialising for training in health ressorts integrate sexual health problems in daily patient-managment _ self-assessment results at the annual training-course for doctors in health ressorts_Bad Gastein, March 2017 (#567)

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Do doctors treating obesity integrate sexual health problems in daily patient-managment _ self-assessment results at the annual congress of the Austrian Society of Obesity_Vienna, October 2017 (#568)

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Do endocrine surgeons integrate sexual health problems in daily surgical managment _ self-assessment results at the annual Austrian Congress of Surgeons, endocrine working-sessions_Vienna, June 2017 (#569)

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Do experienced colorectal surgeons from Europe, America and Asia integrate sexual problems in daily cancer management -results from a self-assessing survey at Congress of the European Federation for ColoRectal Cancer, Vienna, April 2017 (#570)

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Do experts in breast cancer ingetrate patients' sexual issues in routine management - medical self-assessment-results at the 15th international maritime meeting of the Austrian society for senology, Mallorca, Spain (#571)

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Do health professionals integrate sexuality in managing patients' continence and stoma-therapy in Austira - results self-asessment-survey at the annual Austrian Continence Meeting, Linz, October 2017 (#572)

K. Buchner-Jirka (Austria)

Effectiveness and safety of microsurgical varicocelectomy for treating nutcracker phenomenon associated varicocele (#573)

Xiaodong Jin (China)

Effectiveness of combined therapy Impaza and PDE5 inhibitors in prophylaxis post-traumatic erectile dysfunction (#574)

D.V. Krakhotkin (Russia)

Effectiveness of physiotherapeutic techniques on females with pain-related sexual dysfunctions: a systematic review (#575)

B. Rojo (Spain)

Expressions of TRPV1 and TRPA1 in the dorsal root ganglion in the rat model of orchialgia (#576)

T. Xiangan (China)

Extracorporeal shock-wave therapy (ESWT) in treatment of ED: results of sham-controlled study (#577)

L. Spivak (Russia)

Factors influence copper intrauterine device eexual acceptability in Egypt (#578)

H. Aly (Egypt)

Factors predicting paternity after varicocele surgery (#579)

A. Rafi (Pakistan)

Family history regarding cardiovascular disease and diabetes and erectile dysfunction in patients with coronary artery disease (#580)

M. Womperski (Poland)

Female (Chinese nurses) sexual function and the impact of kids’ return on it during the summer holiday (#581)

Y. Zhang (China)

Female genital mutilation among middle aged Egyptian women and its impact on their sexual function (#582)

D. Elkowessny (Egypt)

Female sexual dysfunction among Greek women with multiple sclerosis: correlations with organic and psychological factors (#583)

M. Tzitzika (Greece)

Experimental assessment of platelet-rich plasma efficacy for spermatogenesis correction in the rat: evaluation of two experimental models (#584)

M.V. Epifanova (Russia)

Experience of community pharmacists in providing advice about vulvo-vaginal complaints (#585)

S. Grinceviciene (Belgium)

Effectiveness of the use of silicone penile prosthesis in the prevention of vaginal stenosis after high dose rate brachytherapy (#586)

K.C. Bragante (Brazil)

Effects of Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsea) oil-based diet on penile morphology of Wistar rats’ (#587)

C. Gallo (Brazil)

Efficacy and safety of Holmium laser enucleation of prostate (HoLEP) in patients with underlying neurologic disease (#588)

M. Kim (Korea)

Efficacy and safety of low dose testosterone ointment therapy for late-onset hypogonadism patients (#589)

Toshiyasu Amano (Japan)

Employment of avanafil in a surrogacy program (#590)

F. Dimitriadis (Greece)

Endocrine surgeons self-assessing the setting for actively adressing patients' sexuality and impact on their help in routine-treatment at annual Austrian Congress for Surgery, Vienna, June 2017 (#591)

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Erectile dysfunction in young men (up to 40 years old). What does organic or psychogenic predominate? (#592)

D. Ion (Moldova)

Evaluation of drug abuse in male patients with sexual dysfunction in Upper Egypt: a cross sectional study (#593)

A. Abdelhamed (Egypt)

Female sexual function in obese women and associated factors (#594)

M. Kong (Korea)

Analyzes of male sexual function and sperm parameters in contusive spinal cord injured rats: therapeutic efficacy of mucuna pruriens(Linn.) (#595)

W.S. Khayinmi (India)

Can the testicular parenchyma fibrosis be a predictor of testicular failure in the patients with varicocele? (#596)

L. Pucci (Italy)

Analysis of our results in the treatment of Peyronie´s disease with Clostridium histolyticum collagenase and modeling using penis extender (#597)

M. Alonso-Isa (Spain)

Chronic traumatic cavernosopathy (CTC). The new penile fibrous disease (#598)

J.F. Uribe (Colombia)

Clinical characteristics of 1128 patients with premature ejaculation: a cross-sectional study from 16medical institutions in China (#599)

L. Hongjun (China)

Clinical indications for penile prosthesis implantation: data from the national prospective registry of penile prosthesis implantation “INSIST-ED” (#600)

F. Dehò (Italy)

Clinical outcome/patient and partner satisfaction after penile implant surgery (#601)

Koenraad Van Renterghem (Belgium)

Clinical outcomes of androgen replacement therapy (ART) in Japanese patients with late-onset hypogonadism(LOH) syndrome -comparison of total and free testosterone value (#602)

K. Kuratsukuri (Japan)

Clinical trial with natural extracts from Lycium chinense for eugonadal men with late-onset hypogonadism-related symptoms: placebo-control, double-blind, randomized study (#603)

W.J. Bae (Korea)

Body image is affected by vasectomy, showing higher scores in Self-aggrandizement after surgery (#604)

K. Lamacova (Austria)

Biochemical markers and clinical aspects of fluids expelled by women during sexual activities (#605)

Z. Pastor (Czech Republic)

Are masculinity and femininity correlated with attachment styles? a pilot study with bem sex role inventory and attachment style questionnaire (#606)

G. Ciocca (Italy)

Are sexual dysfimctions part of integrated consultation of Austrian's psycho-oncologists from various disciplines ? Self-assessment-results at the annual meeting auf Austrian psychooncologists, Gmunden, May 2017 (#607)

L. Ucsnik (Austria)

Assessment of female sexual health in Kazakhstan (#608)

M.K. Alchinbayev (Kazakhstan)

Assessments of mental health status of premature ejaculation (PE) patients by Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory compared with non-PE male control (#609)

M. Lu (China)

Attachment style, alexithymia and sexual functioning among pregnant and nonpregnant women (#610)

G. Ciocca (Italy)

Autologous dermal tissue grafting for Peyronie’s Disease with large tunica albuginea defects (#611)

Koichi Nagao (Japan)

Best practice in vulvodynia—an evidence-based literature review (#612)

D. Botta (Italy)

Best with daily tadalafil in terms of lower urinary tract symptoms: What is the current situation among Turkish men? (#613)

A.V. Dikmen (Turkey)

Comparative analysis of penile prosthesis implantation in patients with vasculogenic aetiology versus radical prostatectomy (#614)

J. Torremadé Barreda (Spain)

Comparative analysis of the natural history of de novo Peyronie’s Disease versus post-radical prostatectomy Peyronie’s Disease (#615)

H. Bernie (USA)

Comparative analysis of treatment strategies for distal and middle hypospadias (#616)

M. Lu (China)

Cross-sectional association between testosterone and metabolic syndrome (#617)

M. Kim (Korea)

Daily Low dose Tadalafil in treatment of Chronic prostatitis/Chronic pelvic pain syndrome: randomized controlled study of efficacy and safety (#618)

A. Abdalla El Sayed Hassan (Saudi Arabia)

Defining polyamory: a thematic analysis of lay people's definitions (#619)

Patricia Pascoal (Portugal)

Detection of neurogenic erectile dysfunction in diabetic patients with Uroflowmetry (#620)

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Non-degloving surgical technique with double dorsal-ventral patch graft and penile prosthesis placement for Peyronie's Disease (#658)

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Fluorescence in situ hybridization sperm examination in male infertility (#681)

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HIV-related healthcare needs and access barriers for Brazilian transgender and gender diverse people (#690)

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High field MRI evaluation of different plaque property in Peyronie’s Disease (#692)

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Frequency of sexual intercourse between first and third trimester of pregnant women (#693)

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Fresh human cadaver vaginoplasty surgical prosections to guide surgical technique, post-operative care, and the design of a novel neovaginal dilator and douching device (#694)

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Gender dysphoria and eating disorders in adolescence: two case report (#695)

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Gender roles and sexual functioning in people of different sexual orientations (#696)

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Gyneacological sexological assessment of female sexual dysfunction in 58 (#700)

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Immediate salvage of purulent inflatable penile prostheses can be safely done in insulin-dependent type II diabetics and the chronically immunosuppressed (#701)

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Impact of camera deviation on curvature assessments using goniometer and 2D photographies (#702)

E. Miranda (Brazil)

Implicit associations towards pornographic stimuli in hypersexual disorder (#703)

J. Engel (Germany)

Infidelity, impulsivity, attachment and distorted cognitions (#704)

R. Ignat (Romania)

Influence of 5a-reductase inhibitor (5-ARI) usage on the reproductive function of married men (#705)

S. Song (Korea)

Influence of socioeconomic factors on the presence and intensity of erectile dysfunction in men with coronary artery disease (#706)

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Informative leaflet about neovaginal dilatation after MtF reassignment surgery: the importance of correct management of dilatation programme (#707)

M. Di Grazia (Italy)

Integration of sexual medicine field in the care of patients with HIV (#708)

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Intracavernosal injection (ICI) therapy - Efficacy, side effects and dropouts: experience of a single institution (#709)

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Investigating the correlation between vitamin D and metabolic syndrome (#710)

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Is free testosterone good or evil for lower urinary tract symptoms? : analysis of a Japanese community-based study (#711)

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Individual delay-discounting rate in a patients with hypersexual disorder (#712)

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Isoflurane inhalation anesthesia should be a new requirement in intracavernosal pressure detection—the gold standard of erectile function assessment (#713)

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Increased prevalence of premature ejaculation on a 10-year interval web-based survey (#714)

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Increased risk of sexual dysfunction among unemployed women: a systematic review (#715)

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Improve sexual function with vaginal rejuvenation surgery (#716)

M. Lau (USA)

increased circunference of penis with polimetiltacrilato (10%) folow-up of 2 years (#717)

M. Menezes (Brazil)

increase in penile circumference and quality of life (#718)

M. Menezes (Brazil)