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Scientific Program

Scientific Program

A preliminary list of topics:

Male sexual dysfunction

Reconstructive surgery
Penile transplantation
Phallic reconstruction
Peyronie’s Disease
Penile implants
Premature & delayed ejaculation
Erectile dysfunction
Psychosexual issues
Safety and efficacy of testosterone supplementation
Novel technologies (regenerative medicine, Li-ESWT)
Basic and translational research

Female sexual dysfunction

Female genital mutilation
Orgasm and orgasm disorders
Rejuvenation, fillers and plastic surgery
Sexual pain disorders
Arousal disorders
The pelvic floor in sexual function and dysfunction
Basic and translational research

Sexology, gender, and orientation

Dyadic perspective on sexual response
Transgender medicine
Disorders of sexual differentiation
The sexual response in the lab
Sexual orientation
Sex addiction
Sexual violence
Sex counselling
Sex in aging and disability

Infertility, miscellaneous

Genital malignancy (penile, vulvar cancer)
Surgical and medical approach of male infertility
Genital developmental anomalies
Genital dermatology
Systemic and chronic illness and sexuality