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The European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) is a not-for-profit, multidisciplinary, academic and scientific organisation dedicated to male and female sexual function and dysfunction.

The main purposes of the ESSM are:

  • To promote research into and exchange of knowledge about the clinical entity of sexual dysfunction throughout Europe
  • To establish and support the highest standards of ethics in clinical practice, education and research in the field of sexual dysfunction
  • To promote cooperation and improve interaction between European researchers and clinicians in sexual dysfunction
  • To provide education to clinicians who have limited or no experience in the field, as well as continuing education to those already involved in the management of sexual dysfunction
  • To provide patients, the public and the media with accurate and updated information about male and female sexual function and dysfunction
  • To develop programmes, promoting public and health authorities’ awareness within Europe on the prevention and treatment of sexual dysfunction

Previous Congresses

Year Congress Venue
2007 10th ESSM Congress Lisbon, Portugal
2008 Joint ISSM/ESSMCongress Brussels, Belgium
2009 12th ESSM Congress Lyon, France
2010 13th ESSM Congress Malaga, Spain
2011 14th ESSM Congress Milan, Italy
2012 15th ESSM Congress Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2013 Joint ISSM/ESSM Symposium Berlin, Germany
2014 16th ESSM Congress Istanbul, Turkey
2015 17th ESSM Congress Copenhagen, Denmark
2016 18th ESSM Congress Madrid, Spain
2017 19th ESSM Congress Nice, France
2018 Joint ISSM / ESSM World Meeting on Sexual Medicine Lisbon, Portugal