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The Scientific Committee welcomes the submission of late breaking abstracts. All abstracts presented at the meeting will be published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Deadline for Submitting Late Breaking Abstracts: January 15, 2018

Submission of abstracts will be accepted only through the website via the procedure as described below:

Click here (right click and choose ‘save as…’) to download the MS-Word abstract template. Open the abstract template with MS-Word or a compatible word-processor and set up your abstract according to the instructions included in the template.

Create your own profile. Please enter your name, address, contact details and choose your own password. When you have successfully created your own profile you will be able to log into the on-line abstract system and submit your abstract(s).

Create Profile

When you have your login details ready (username = e-mail, password can be found in e-mail message) click the button below to login to the abstract form.

Abstract Submission Form

If you did not receive your e-mail of if you accidentally deleted it you can retrieve your login by clicking here.

In order to have your abstract published please do not forget to register in time for the meeting!.

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