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Vacuum erection device reduce peyronie-like plaque in PD rat model via TGF-beta/SMAD signaling pathway

Yuan, J1; Li, J1; Qin, F1

1: West China Hospital, SCU, China

Objectives: The aim of this study is to determine the effect of VED for PD in animal model and explore the possible mechanism.

Material and Methods: Twenty-seven male Sprague-Dawley rats was used in this study. In group A (sham group), all rats (N = 9) underwent injection of 50 µl saline vehicle into tunica albuginea (TA). The remaining 18 rats (group B & group C) received TGF-β1 injection into their TA. After injection, rats in group B (PD group) did not receive any therapy. While rats in group C (treatment group) received VED therapy at day 32 after TGF- β1 injection for 10 days.

Results: Rats injected with TGF-β1 showed significant lower ICP value compared with those in sham group (p<0.0001). After VED therapy, erectile function was significantly ameliorated when compared with rats in PD group (p<0.0147). MT staining revealed the PD-like plaque at the site of TGF-β1 injection in rats of PD group. The size of fibrotic plaque in rats of treatment group showed a marked reduction compared with those in PD group. Transmission electron microscopy of tunica albuginea at site of injection showed that the collagen fibers were continuous, long, parallel and lay in a wavy pattern in sham group. The collagen fibers in PD groups were disorganized obviously, and after VED therapy, the disorganized collagen fibers were remarkably restored. At 32 days after TGF-β1 injection, MRI T2-weighted image showed that it was evident an edematous portion located at the injection area. After 10 days of therapy, edema was partially resolved. At 6 weeks following TGF-β1 injection, there was a significant increase in TGF-β1, SMAD2, SMAD3 and p-SMAD2/3 protein expression when compared to sham group. After VED therapy, those protein expressions in penes were decreased compared with that in PD group. The tendency of protein expression showed in WB was also confirmed by IHC results.

Conclusions: The findings of the present study demonstrated that VED can reduce the PD-like plaque in TGF-β1 induced PD model and improve its erectile function at the same time.


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