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Increased prevalence of premature ejaculation on a 10-year interval web-based survey

Yoo, S1; Song, WH2; Park, J1; Cho, SY1; Cho, MC1; Kim, SW2; Paick, J-S2; Son, H1

1: Seoul National University Boramae Medical Center, Korea, South; 2: Seoul National University, College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea, South

Objective(s); We performed a 10-year interval survey of prevalence and risk factors of premature ejaculation (PE) in Korean adult men.

Material and Method(s); We sent e-mails to the panels registered in the internet survey agency, and asked to participate a questionnaires survey of the same design and same company as that in 2006. The total number of 900 participants were enrolled. The character and prevalence of PE were evaluated using questionnaires. PE was defined based on DSM-IV-TR and ISSM, respectively.

Result(s); The prevalence of self-PE after age-adjustment in the 2016 study was similar compared to that in the 2006 study (19.0 vs. 21.6%, p=0.273). The age-adjusted prevalence of DSM-IV-TR-PE (7.0 vs. 24.7, p<0.001) and ISSM-PE (1.8 vs. 4.0%, p=0.029) were significantly higher in 20016 compare to those in 2006, respectively. On multivariable analysis, masturbation (OR: 2.498, p<0.001) and self-reported erectile dysfunction (OR: 4.476, p<0.001) were risk factors for self PE although frequent conversation about sex with partner (OR: 0.597, p=0.017), unmarried state (OR: 0.484, p=0.005), Income ≥ $3521 (OR: 0.682, p=0.045), and constipation (OR: 0.484, p=0.026) decreased the probability of self-PE. On multivariable analysis, age (OR: 1.028, p=0.006), high BMI (OR: 1.075, p=0.005), unmarried state (OR: 1.648, p=0.037), and experience of rape or sexual harassment (OR: 1.496, p=0.047) were determined as the risk factors for DSM-IV-TR PE. On multivariable analysis, the history of sexual transmitted disease (OR: 17.97, p=0.035) was the only risk factor for ISSM-PE.

Conclusion(s); Compared to the 2006 study, the prevalence of PE was significantly increased in 2016 although self-PE was equivalent. Since various socio-psychologic factors were associated with PE, more attention to socio-psychologic is needed in the view point of PE.


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