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Chronic traumatic cavernosopathy (CTC). The new penile fibrous disease

Uribe, JF1; Uribe, CA1; Velez, A1; Zuleta, JJ1

1: Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe, Colombia

Introduction: Penile fibrosis it’s not only Peyronie's disease, because his clinical picture doesn’t cover the entire spectrum of fibrous disease, especially when the tunica albuginea is normal. This study describes an alternative diagnosis called chronic traumatic cavernosopathy (CTC).                            Objective: Identify typical clinical picture of chronic traumatic cavernosopathy (CTC).               Materials and Methods: We performed a prospective descriptive study with 53 patients; who met criteria for inclusion: have a penile dopler ultrasonography with vasoactive, with findings of some degree of cavernous fibrosis, according to Levine's classification, but without involvement of tunica albuginea. Ultrasound findings (calcifications, ossification, and venous leakage), physical examination findings (nodules, pain, deformities) and erectile function were evaluated. The study was approved by the research ethics committee of Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe (Medellin - Colombia).                                       

Results: 53 patients, mean age 42 years. Physical and ultrasonographic examinations of penis showed calcifications in all patients, without palpable nodules (1/53) pain or contour deformities. The group had: cavernous venous leakage (39.6%) and deep dorsal venous leakage (56.6%); secondary curvatures (11.3%) and primary curvatures (35.8%); erectile dysfunction was very high (52/53), including 15 patients (28%) with primary erectile dysfunction. The time between the onset of symptoms and consultation was 8 years.   

Conclusions: We propose the existence of a fibrous entity in penis that can be denominated chronic traumatic cavernosopathy (CTC), as a different alternative to Peyronie, with its own clinical picture and ultrasound finding which includes erectile dysfunction and that can be associated with entities of congenital basis like dorsal venous leakage and primary curvatures, which cause repeated sexual microtrauma for lack of rigid erections.


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