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Longer length improvement and more covert incision: a novel “six stitches” procedures for pediatric concealed penis

Su, XJ1; Wang, XH1; Lei, JH1

1: China

Objective To introduce the detailed procedures of two innovative surgical options for pediatric buried penis and prospectively compare their efficacy and safety.

Methods A single-center, prospective study was conducted at the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, where patients were operated on using the so-called “one stitch” (OS) or “four stitch”(FS) methods. The operation time, adverse events, and satisfaction were recorded for both groups.

Results Finally, 156 patients underwent the so-called OS (n=65) or FS (n=91) method, with a follow-up rate of 86.5% (135/156). During the perioperative period, the FS group spent much longer in surgery(P<0.001), had more blood loss(P<0.001), and took longer to recover from edema(P<0.001) than the OS group. In contrast to the satisfaction after three months’ follow up, both the objective length improvement (3.4±0.5 vs 2.5±0.6 cm, P<0.001) and subjective satisfaction percent (95% vs 86%, P=0.678) in the FS group were superior to those in the OS group. No significant differences were detected in postoperative infection, stenosis circle, scar hyperplasia, and relapse.

Conclusions In conclusion, the two surgical options for buried penis are both safe and effective. OS and FS methods have their own characteristics, and the latter can provide better improvement in penile length.


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