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Withhold expressing sexual expectations: a qualitative study in Iranian women

Raisi, F1Shahvari, Z1; Parsa Yekta, Z1; Ebadi, A1; Kazemnejad, A1

1: Iran

Objective: Healthy spousal communication of sexual expectations is one of the most important factors to improve the quality of sexual relations in marriage. Objectives: This paper has attempted to explore women’s reasons for not expressing these sexual expectations of men, in a monogamous and constant sexual relationship within the context of Iran.

Material and Methods: In this qualitative study, 20 interviews were conducted in Tehran from December 2013 to May 2014. Participants were recruited using purposive sampling, face-to-face, in-depth and semi-structured interviews.

Results: Women’s reasons for avoiding discussions of expectations are summarized in three categories: neglect, submission and concern.

Conclusions: By taking into account the women’s reasons to suppress their expectations, change of the cultural context, in a way to promote women to care for their expectations and consider themselves key members of families is an important issue in Iran.


Work supported by industry: yes, by Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) (industry funding only - investigator initiated and executed study). The presenter or any of the authors act as a consultant, employee (part time or full time) or shareholder of an industry.

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