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Why don’t you share your satisfaction with me?

Shahvari, Z1; Raisi, F1; Parsa Yekta, Z1; Ebadi, A1; Firoozikhojastefar, R1

1: Iran

Objectives: This paper has attempted to explore women’s sexual expectations of men, in a monogamous and constant sexual relationship within the context of Iran.

Material and Methods: In this qualitative study, 20 interviews were conducted in Tehran from December 2013 to May 2014. Participants were recruited using purposive sampling, face-to-face, in-depth and semi-structured interviews.

Results: Woman’s expectations were classified in two areas: 1) marital components 2) sexual components. Marital components included women’s interpretations of sex in the context of marital satisfaction, emotional relationships, loyalty and evidence of men’s intention to satisfy their wives sexually and martially. Sexual components included skills and function.

Conclusions: this research will help identify women’s sexual expectations and thus contribute to enhanced sexual satisfaction, as well as marital stability and continuity.


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