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Purse-string closure of penile implant corporotomies: a needleless, water-tight technique

Shaeer, O1

1: Kasr El AIni Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt

Objective(s): In order to close the corporotomies over a penile implant, one of two approaches are utilized, either over-sewing with running sutures, or tying the stay sutures on either sides of the corporotomies. The former has the advantage of being water-tight thereby avoiding hematoma formation, and the disadvantages of the risk of puncturing the implant cylinders and being time consuming. The technique herein provides sutureless, water-tight closure of the corporotomies with short operative time as an alternative.

Material and Method(s): Before insertion of the implant cylinders, a continuous suture line is pre-placed in the form of an inverted-U around the corporotomies on both corpora, using Vicryl 2/0 suture material. Following insertion of the implant, the ends of the suture lines are pulled tight and tied as a purse-string. The technique was applied in 41 cases of 3-piece and 12 cases of 2-piece inflatable implants.

Results: Overall, the purse string technique closed the corporotomies successfully in 52/53 cases (98.1%), exclusively in 49/53 cases (92.5% of the whole study group, 100% of the 3-piece IPP cases and 66.7% of the 2-piece IPP cases), in combination with tying the stay sutures in 3 of the 2-piece IPP (3/53, 5.7%), and failed in one of the 2-piece IPP cases (1/53, 1.8%). Neither hematomas nor puncturing of the cylinders were encountered.

Conclusion: Shaeer’s Purse-String Closure of penile implant corporotomies provides sutureless, water-tight closure with short operative time as an alternative to over-sewing and tying the stay sutures.


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