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Primary urethral malignant melanoma that is complicating sexual intercourse

Sarikaya, S1; Damar, E; Ozbek, R; Selvi, I; Ciftci, M; Simsek, GG; Bozkurt, OF; Adsan, O

1: Gulhane Research and Training Hospital, Turkey

Primary urethral malignant melanoma that is complicating sexual intercourse

Objectives: Primer urethral malignant melanoma is an extremely rare tumor. It accounts for 2% of all malign melanoma tumors and approximately 4% of urethral cancers. We aimed to present an 84-year-old female patient with metastasis and non-recurrent urethral malignant melanoma.

Materials and Methods: A 84 year-old female patient admitted to our clinic due to the presence of obstructive symptoms, dyspareunia and swelling in urethral meatus lasting for about 2 months. Physical examination revealed a urethral hemorrhagic mass approximately 3 cm in diameter in the left urethral meatus.(Figure 1)

Results: Under spinal anesthesia, surgical excision and primary surgical repair operations were performed for the mass. There were no complications in perioperative and postoperative period, the intact urethra was observed during the cystoscopy performed after the operation. Pathology was reported as malignant melanoma. (Figure 2)

Conclusion: Urethral malignant melanomas are extremely rare tumors of which the diagnosis is difficult. Diagnosis and treatment of the disease is very important because of the high mortality rates. The main treatment is surgical excision, and adjuvant therapy can also be used.

Figure 1: Makrocopic view

Figure 2: Microscopic view


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