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Skin bridges that occur after circumcision operation and surgical treatment: Case presentation

Sarikaya, S1; Ozbek, R2; Senocak, C2; Bozkurt, OF2

1: Gulhane Research and Training Hospital, Turkey; 2: Kecioren Research and Training Hospital, Turkey

Objectives: Circumcision is a simple urologic operation of general urology practice but when consideringcomplications and long-term results it is an important sugical procedure. Unwanted life-long physicologic and physical results would be seen after the operation.

Materials and Methods: 13 year-old male patient admitted to our clinic with skin bridges that were occured after the circumcision operation, he was operated at the age of 6. According to physical examination, there were circular and scattered bridge-like adhesions at circumcision line. Revision operation was planned for the patient when considering the cosmetic and hygienic condition of the patient.

Results: Under sedoanalgesia skin bridges were excised with lancet and they were seperated from glans penis. The tissues were sutured with 3/0 rapid vycril. There was not any comlication on postoperative early and late period and the cosmetic appearence was very good.(Figure)

Conclusion: Although Circumcision is considered as a simple operation in the practice of general urology, it is an important operation that affects the quality of life when early and late results are taken into consideration. In pediatric andrology practice, the prominence is also increasing. It should not be forgotten that the operation to be performed is also very important in terms of cosmetics besides the functional principle

Figure: Skin bridges and postoperative appearance


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