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The relationship between body image and marital satisfaction with the mediating role of sexual satisfaction

Ramezani, MA1; Anjedani Moghaddam Araghi, P1

1: Shahid Beheshti University, Iran

Objective: Successful marriage and initiation of marital relationship can meet many of the mental and physical needs in a safe environment and have a significant impact on the health and mental health of individuals. Marital satisfaction is one of the important factors affecting the mental health of married people and has important factors in it..

Method: In this research we aim to investigate the mediator role of sexual satisfaction between body image and marital satisfaction in married individuals. We recruited 300 individuals who referred to cultural centers of Tehran city in 2017. We used Couples satisfaction index (CSI), Larson sexual satisfaction questionnaire and Fisher’s body Image Questionnaire. The data were analyzed with hierarchical regression analysis using SPSS22 software.

Result: The results showed that sexual satisfaction plays the mediator role between marital satisfaction and body image (P<0/01). Deficits in body image is related to marital satisfaction and sexual satisfaction decrease and sexual satisfaction is related to marital satisfaction (P<0/01).

Conclusion: In the future research we must focus more deeply in the role of sexual satisfaction and sexual satisfaction in marital satisfaction.


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