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Hormonal contraceptives and sexual self-schema in women

Nowosielski, K1; Kurpisz, J2; Kowalczyk, R3

1: Medical Collage in Sosnowiec, Poland; 2: Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, Poland; 3: Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Cracow University, Kraków, Poland

Objectives: The sexual self-schema concept was previously found to be associated with multiple aspects of female sexuality. It contains such categories as positive and negative schematic. The aim of our study was to figure out if women having diverse attitude toward own sexuality prefer to use different contraceptive methods.
Material and Methods. 482 sexually active, healthy women were studied. Women taking different forms of hormonal contraceptives (oral combined contraceptive pills, minipils, levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system, vaginal rings, implants, contraceptive patch) constituted the study group (n=285). The rest, not using hormonal methods (natural, barrier or no contraceptives) were classified to the control group. Sexual self-schema was assessed with the Polish version of Sexual Self Schema Scale for women (SSSS-W-PL) while other relevant information was obtained with self-designed survey. For statistical analysis group comparisons, correlations and logistic regression were used.

Results. Women using hormonal contraceptives were a bit older, felt more sexually attractive and presented higher level of importance of sex in their lives in comparison to controls. 36.8% of the study group and 57.0% of controls were positive schematic (p=0.002). The logistic regression analysis revealed that sexual attractiveness, romantic relationship status, age, BMI and type of used contraceptives (hormonal vs no hormonal) were associated with sexual self-schema type. Women who were younger, with higher BMI, felt more sexually attractive, had more romantic relationship and were not using hormonal contraceptives were more likely to be positive schematic.

Conclusions. Sexual self-schema type is a relevant factor which affect choice of the contraception method among women. Women who are more negative schematic tend to use hormonal contraceptives.


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