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Early erotization as a predictor of hypersexuality in depressive mood states

Nersisyan, N1; Hakobyan, A1; Sahakyan, S1

1: YSMU, Armenia


Objective: the purpose of this study was to examine the predictive power of early sexual experiences as determinants of hyperactive sexuality in depressive mood states among women.

Methods: This was a descriptive, case series study. We followed a series of 62 women (M age=29.4) who attended our outpatient clinic of Yerevan State Medical University Sexology Clinic for different kind of sexual dysfunctions in partner sex and reported having negative mood. Depressed mood as well as various dimensions of sexual functioning were examined and assessed during clinical interview. Depressed mood was measured also by 39-item Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) interpreting depression severity. FSFI was used to assess female sexual function. Four models of Ordinal logistic regression were run. As dependent variables reflecting hyperactive sexuality two concepts were separated. One is Sexual libido meaning general sexual appetite and the second is Sexual intercourse desire as a more specific behavioral pattern. As independent variables we examined the effect of the following sexual characteristics-subjective arousal, and the age of erotic awakening.

 Results: Overall, 39.0% of the women reported increased sexual desire in partner sex. This figure was significantly higher among women who had higher score in depression (58.6%) than among women with lower scores (39.6-45.7%). More frequent and high level of sexual libido was more probable in cases where there was no experience of subjective sexual arousal during sexual activity. In contrast, frequent and high level of sexual intercourse desire was more probable when there was frequent and strong subjective arousal during sexual activity. Finally, we found that earlier erotic awaking increases the probability of high sexual libido level.

Conclusions: We can presume that paradoxical relationship between negative mood and sex might be somehow associated with a history of early erotization of a child. This process of early erotic awakening and lately sex being used as a coping strategy, however, is not determined by any resulting sexual arousal or pleasure, but might be associated with an early awareness of a self-consciousness that is able to alleviate depression.  


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