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Illustrated evaluation of scientific productions of sexual medicine researchers during 2012 till the end of 2016

Lotfipanah, M1; Ahmadifar, M1

1: Royan Institute, Iran

Introduction: Nowadays the evaluation and analysis of scientific outputs of universities and scientific publications is considered necessary through bibliometrics and scientometrics. In this regards the evaluation of scientific documents in the field of sexual medicine in national and international journals indexed in web of science (ISI) database is no exception. Therefore, publishing articles in high quality journals with more collaboration with the other scientists is highly recommended to authors due to more turnover and maximizing the effectiveness of scientific production. This paper studied The Journal of Sexual Medicine outputs as a sample of scientific journal in the field of sexual medicine during 2012 till the end of 2016 to show the trends of sexual medicine researches.

Methods: In this research, data and outputs of The Journal of Sexual Medicine were collected from WoS database using the scientometric methods. Data visualization was done by using VOSviewer software for creating maps based directly on bibliographic data which can visualizing and exploring these maps. This method is used by researchers in the field of information sciences. A total of 1575 documents was extracted and analyzed. This publication were identified with the keywords: “Journal of Sexual Medicine” in publication name item and we chose 2012 till 2016 for analyzing.

Results: Co-occurrences of author’s keywords were respectively erectile dysfunction, sexual function, testosterone, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, quality of life and depression. The greatest concentration and most used keywords in this journal were as follow: erectile function, ejaculation, pain, partner, trt (testosterone replacement therapy) and infection. The most “co-citation by cited source” were Journal of Urology and then International Journal Impotence Research. Bibliographic coupling of some authors such as Maggie and Corona is strong.

 Conclusion: The Journal of Sexual Medicine is considered as a pioneer scientific journal in Europe and United States. Researchers are trying to have more collaboration and are reaching with a great deal of interest and are enthusiastic to work multicentre multidisciplinary studies with international collaboration. Erectile function is considered by researchers in all around the world as the most important issue in sexual medicine.


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