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Improve sexual function with vaginal rejuvenation surgery

Lau, M1

1: Radiant Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Surgery, United States

Objectives: Vaginal rejuvenation surgery should improve both the aesthetics and sexual function of the vagina. Its objective is to restore the internal vaginal canal tightness and anatomical relationships, and the appearance of the external genitalia – introitus and labia, back to the pre-childbearing state, without compromising the sensory nerves or the specialized vascular structures. Beyond good aesthetic results, the surgery should enhance the sexual function for the woman and her partner. Special surgical techniques, designed by considering the anatomy and physiology factors of the vagina, introitus and labia, were implemented in performing vaginal rejuvenation under only local anesthesia. The objective of this study is to show objective improvement of the vaginal anatomy and subjective improvement of sexual function can be achieved with the described refined surgical approach.

Material and Method: In a small study of 10 patients with complaints of vaginal and introital relaxation also decreased sexual satisfaction, refined techniques in vaginal rejuvenation were used to improve both aesthetic and function of the vagina and introitus. Special attention was paid to ensure the resulting angle of transition between the introitus and the vaginal canal and the tightness of the vaginal canal would optimize the interaction between the penis and the clitourethrovaginal (CUV) complex to promote sexual response.

Results: In the post treatment examination, there was no negative change in the sensory function of the vagina. The tightness of the vaginal canal and the introitus was graded as “much improved” by the patients subjectively, and verified by objective examination. Special attention was paid to the transition angle between the inroitus and the vaginal canal. . There was no complication reported. Self reported improvement of female sexual satisfaction was confirmed in all patients.

Conclusions: Sexual function, as well as the aesthetics of the vagina, can be improved with vaginal rejuvenation, especially when done with proper anatomical and physiological considerations. The introital-vaginal transition angle and its relationship to the CUV complex should be considered in performing the surgery.


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