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Silicone lubricant in community clinic survey - results from the SLICC survey

Krychman, M1

1: Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine Inc, United States

Introduction: For the woman who suffers from genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) moisturizers and lubricants remain the initial self-directed choices of intervention before she seeks further medical attention.  Silicone based lubricants offer many advances comparatively to their water based counter parts. They are long lasting, do not evaporate and are the top choice for anal and or aqua sex. Anal sex amongst heterosexual couples is often a taboo subject and is incidence is often underestimated. Many women are ill informed about proper anal hygiene/intercourse so that they can prevent mucosal damage/injury or tears. It is estimated that 50% of couples use lubricant as a sexual enhancer and silicone lube may offer some advantages with increased lubricity and heightened sensitivity. Silicone lubricants are inert, do not contain water, do not impact affect vaginal ph. We conducted an in-office survey to assess women’s perceptions of silicone based lubricant. Methods: This is an in-office survey that was a random sampling of silicone lubricant using heterosexual women who attended a community and or academic based sexual medicine/ gynecology clinic. Women were asked to complete the survey while waiting for their regularly scheduled office appointment. Surveys were completed on paper, in person and participants were not financially compensated for their time. Results Thirty heterosexual women with a mean age of 46 (range 25-67) who were all users of silicone lubricant were surveyed for this office clinic project. Ninety-six (96%) of subjects reported improved comfort during coitus, and 87% report improved sexual enhancement/arousal whereas 97% reported improved overall sexual pleasure with the use of a silicone lubricant. No adverse effects nor increased incidence of bacterial/fungal infections were reported. Ninety seven percent of those surveyed would recommend the product to a girlfriend or relative. Most reported the slickness, long lasting qualities and little amount per use as beneficial qualities for a sexual lubricant. Fifty percent of this sample engage in anal sex where as 70% engage in sexual intimacy in the bath/ hot tub or shower and used silicone lubricant for these sexual events. Conclusions: Silicone based lubricant remains an important therapeutic option for sexual play. The incidence of anal and aqua related sexual activity is significant in the heterosexual population. Silicone lubricants offers an excellent choice for a variety of sexual situations and have high patient acceptability, with noted improved sexual enhancement, pleasure and overall satisfaction.


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