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Sexual disorders in women with recurrent infection of the lower urinary tracts caused by HPV infection

Ibishev, KS1; Kogan, MI1Krakhotkin, DV2; Krainiy, PA1

1: Rostov State Medical University,department of urology, Rostov-on-Don, Russia; 2: Rostov State Medical University,Department of urology, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Objective: To study the clinical picture in women with recurrent infection of the lower urinary tracts of virus etiology

Materials and methods: In this study were included 31 women with recurrent infection of the lower urinary tracts, average age was 39,5+1,1 years. Criteria including: the presence of symptoms infection of the lower urinary tracts, severe recurrent course, absence anatomical and functional disturbances of urinary tracts, lack of bacterial pathogens in culture. Examination of patients based on data of clinical and laboratory : urinalysis and urine culture, PCR (polymerase chain reaction) urine and biopsy specimens of bladder , cystoscopy with biopsy, morphological study of biopsy specimens, consultation of gynecologist and ultrasound investigation of urinary tracts. In data of urine culture was not identified diagnostically significant contamination of urine by bacterial pathogens. By findings of PCR urine and biopsy specimens of urinary bladder taken during cystoscopy and also morphological investigation in all patients was indentified human papillomavirus infection (HPV). Both in urine and biopsy specimens predominated HPV 6, 16 and 18 types, more rarely observed HPV 45 and 56 types.

Results: In analysis of clinical manifestations , predominated amongst of them in study group were: pain syndrome, dysuria and sexual disorders which were registered in 100% examined women. Pain syndrome characterized by different degree of severity and localization. Most frequently it was noted in perineum- 77,4% , suprapubic area- 48,3% and vestibule of vagina- 32,2% patients. In 22,5% cases there was presence the pain during frictions and more than half of examined women had combination of several zones pain syndrome. Most frequently noted the combination of pain syndrome in perineum and suprapubic area. Amongst of sexual disorders the disturbance of libido was found in 67.7% women, interruption of sexual arousal was in 54,8% patients, disturbances of orgasm registered in 41,9% patients, absence satisfaction from sexual intercourse and insufficient moisture of vagina were indentified in 48,3% and 29% patients, respectively. The analysis of orgasm showed that 41,9% patients had erased orgasm and in 25,8% cases was noted anorgasmia. Less commonly in examined patients registered vaginism in 16,1% cases .

Conclusions: Papillomavirus infection can be implicated to development viral cystitis. Etiological structure of viral cystitis can be act both highly and low oncogenic types HPV. Besides of pain syndrome and dysuria in 100% patients with viral cystitis registered sexual disorders amongst of them most commonly noted disturbances of libido and orgasm.


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