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The assessment of the optimization of the erbium laser therapy protocol for treatment of erectile dysfunction

Kotb, H1; Vizintin, Z2

1: Dr. Heba Kotb‘s Clinic, Egypt; 2: Fotona, Slovenia

Objective: To assess the applied optimization of the erbium laser thermo-therapy protocol for improvement of erectile function.

Material and Method: Patients with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction were enrolled in this pilot study after taking their consent and after exclusion of all other causes of Erectile dysfunction . Treatment was performed with 2940 nm ErYAG laser operation in special, non-ablative and thermal only Smooth mode using new, optimized protocol. Three laser sessions were executed with one week interval in between the sessions. Assessment of erectile dysfunction was performed by doing primary diagnostic penile colored duplex imaging by noticing the change in the peak systolic velocity (PSV) and the end diastolic velocity (EDV) at 5-minute intervals for 30 minutes (6-time-measurements) following the administration of 20 micrograms of PGE1 (alprostadil). Measurements were taken before and at 4 weeks after the first treatment session (2 weeks after the last treatment session) to compare pre and post treatment circulation; as well as the subjective assessment by asking the patient about performance improvement and satisfaction

Results: 16 patients were included in this study, performed between August and November 2017 in the private medical sector in Cairo. The results of the new treatment protocol were compared with results of our study from 2016 in which the old protocol was used. Average increase of the PVS with the new protocol was 24.5% versus 16% of the old one. There was also a significant change in end diastolic velocity (EDV) in the second protocol; average decrease of the EDV was 9% versus 3.5% in the 1st report. There were no adverse effects observed after neither of both protocol treatment regimens. The vast majority of the patients was very satisfied with the treatment and the results.

Conclusions: According to the results of this small study it was found that the new treatment protocol is achieving better results and that it is significantly improving the erectile function. We plan to continue the clinical validation of erbium therapy for ED with this new protocol both solely and mixed with other methods of treatment on larger number of patients and with longer follow-ups.


Work supported by industry: yes, by Fotona (no industry support in study design or execution). The presenter or any of the authors act as a consultant, employee (part time or full time) or shareholder of an industry.

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