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Analyzes of male sexual function and sperm parameters in contusive spinal cord injured rats: therapeutic efficacy of mucuna pruriens(Linn.)

Khayinmi, WS1; Prakash, S1


Objective: Sexual dysfunction is often impaired after spinal cord injury due to nerve damage affecting motor, sensory & autonomic functioning. Spinal cord injury (SCI) causes impairment of sexual function, fertility, erection and ejaculation in multifaceted way. Erectile Dysfunction is a common occurrence after SCI which has an intense effect on quality of life. Mucuna pruriens( Linn). (M. pruriens) a leguminous plant used to manage several free radical-mediated diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, atherosclerosis, nervous disorders and male infertility. Our previous studies proved that ethanolic seed extract of M.pruriens has a good sexual enhancer and increases sperm count and motility in normal rat.

Materials & Methods: Animals were divided as control, control and M. pruriens (Cont+MP), Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) (Contusive spinal cord injury carried out using ‘MACSIS Spinal Cord Injury impactor version III’), SCI and M. pruriens (SCI+MP) administrated with ethanolic extract of M. pruriens seed extract 200 mg/kg b. w. The M. pruriens were administrated orally, once daily for a period of 90 days, accordingly. At the intervals of 15, 30, 60 and 90 days, all the animals were subjected to mating behavior analyses and libido and test of potency. The sperm were collected from caudal portion of the epididymis was subjected to various analyses.

Result: It shows significant reduction in sexual behavior and sperm parameters in SCI group. Daily sperm production (DSP) and hormone levels were significantly reduced in SCI group. The SCI animals administrated with seed extract of M. pruriens (group SCI+MP) showed significant improvement in sexual behavior, libido, potency, sperm parameters and hormonal levels, when compared to SCI group.

Conclusion: From the present study we conclude that ethanolic seed extract of M. pruriens has the potential to improve male sexual behaviour. These results from the scientific evidence in supporting the claim made in Indian traditional system of medicine that the M.pruriens is clinically useful as a sexual invigorator in spinal cord injured men.


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