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A retroprospective study of the treatment of erectile dysfunction with extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT)

Højgaard, A1; Olesen, E1; Laursen, BS2

1: Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark; 2: Aalborg University hospital and Aalborg University

Objective: ESWT is new non-invasive technique used as treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) of vascular origin with minimal side-effects.Clinical trials have shown that ESWT can stimulate growth factors and promote the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis). Currently ESWT is believed to be effective primarily by regenerating microvascularisation and improving penile hemodynamics, thus we do not offer ESWT to men with obvious neurological pathophysiology at the Sexological Centre, Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark. ESWT was introduced as a standard treatment in October 2014 for men with diagnosed ED.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of ESWT on ED in men, immediately after, 2 month, and 6 month after treatment to evaluate the effect on three different diagnostic groups.

Material and method: Men with erectile dysfunction older than 18 years. ED for more than 6 months. EHS <3. The treatment used the mobile DUOLITH SD1 manufactured by STORZ MEDICAL AG, Tägerwilen /Switzerland. The treatment protocol was ESWT treatment for 6 weeks, 1 treatment per week. The patient received therapy to the shaft of the penis at 6 different places. 3000 shocks were given at each session. The energy output was adjusted to give 500 shocks of 0,10 mJoule / mm2 proximately to the glans penis. At the middle of the shaft 0,15 mJoule / mm2 500 shocks were given. Finally 0,20 mJoule / mm2, was given at the root of the penis on both sides. The frequency was 3,0 Hz.

Results: In all 83 men have undergone treatment and the follow-ups. Three groups were compared: cardiovascular, diabetes and miscellaneous (obesity, age, unknown reason). The results will be presented at the conference.


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