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Utility of elastography in erectile dysfunction and its relationship with doppler ultrasound

Helguero-Santin, LM1; Grandez-Urbina, JA2; Pichardo-Rodriguez, R2; Torres-Roman, JS2; Saldana-Gallo, J2; Espejo-Zarate, G2; Verde-Guerra, K2

1: Universidad de Piura, Piura, Peru; 2: Clinica de Urologia Avanzada UROZEN, Lima, Peru

Objective: To determine the association between pathological findings in elastography and Doppler ultrasound findings in patients with erectile dysfunction.

Materials and Methods: A descriptive study was conducted on 214 patients with erectile dysfunction treated at urological medical center in Peru. The elastography results were classified in three categories: mild, moderate and severe. The arterial flow of the right cavernosum artery (RCA) and left cavernosum artery (LCA) were measured, as well as the differential flow between cavernosum arteries (DF) in cm / second. Those with flow <25 cm/sec in the RCA or LCA were classified as pathological. DF<10cm/sec was classified as pathological. A bivariate analysis was performed using the chi-square statistical test, with a statistical significance of p≥0.05, in the multivariate analysis we used Poisson regression. Data were analyzed in the software STATA v.14.

Results: The median age in patients with erectile dysfunction was 41(17-78) years. We found 43.87% (n=93) of patients with mixed venous leakage. Furthermore, 38.3% (n=82) of patients present pathological RCA flow and 42.1 %(n=90) of patients present pathological LCA flow. Pathological DF occurred in 14.49% (n = 31) of patients. Elastrography pathological alterations were showed as mild, moderate and severe alterations in 39.5% (n = 28), 42.85% (n = 30) and 17.14% (n = 12) of the patients respectively. Additionally 37.14% (n=26) of patients with pathological elastography had venous leak. We found a significant association between pathological elastography findings and venous leak in Doppler ultrasound (p=0.001). No adverse events were presented during the procedure.

Conclusions: Elastography is a safe technique in the stratification of patients with erectile dysfunction. This technique in conjunction with ecodoppler ultrasound of the penis can provide significant data in the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.


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