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Frequency of sexual intercourse between first and third trimester of pregnant women

Fejza, H1; Alilaj-Beqiraj, M2; Halilaj- Vishi, B2; Elezi, M3; Fejza, A3

1: Institute LIBIDO, Kosovo; 2: Regional Hospital Ferizaj, Kosovo; 3: University of Prishtina, Medical Faculty

Objectives: Frequency of sexual intercourses for a hug number of women became different during pregnancy. In the first trimester they are afraid of miscarriage while in third trimester they become worry of preterm birth. Our objective was to study those differences among pregnant women and to compare our data with other studies.

Material and Method: The sample for this study was taken during the period time August – September 2017 in Regional Hospital in Ferizaj, Kosovo. The 107 pregnant women hospitalized in third trimester of pregnancy were our study objectives. The part of Pregnancy Sexual Response Inventory was used for data collection. There were three alternatives for answer: 1-2 times per week, never/ week and three or more times/week.

Results: In first trimester 1-2 times a week sexual frequency was 49.5% while three times/week 36.4%. Third semester was better with 66.4% for 1-2 times a week but less for three times a week, only 14%. Never a week answer was almost the same for both alternatives, 14% vs. 19.6%. Most active women belong to age group 26-35 year with 60% sexual intercourses within frequency 1-2 times/week in first trimester and 65% for third trimester. Pregnant women oldest than 35 year declared to not have sex never a week 60% in first trimester and 30% in third trimester.  

Conclusion: The majority of pregnant women have more sexual intercourses in third trimester than in first.


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