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Sexuality and prostatic cancer: A “Couple Ilness"

Noseda, R1Falone Percivale, M2

1: Clinical Sexologist Member ESSM (SIA Società Italiana di Andrologia) Italy; 2: ECPS President of Società Italiana di Psicologia, Psicoterapia e Sessuologia Scientifica, Italy

Introduction: The prostatic cancer has been defined as “couple illness”. The couple, main way of life cancer patients, but a too neglected factor, is an important parameter for both sexual life and cancer that changes the home private life. Although sexual problems are common among cancer patients very little professional and therapeutic attention is provide to them. More so the patients themselves are usually not aware of and do not receive adequate information regarding their sexual difficulties and about possible treatments.

Methodology: The aim of this study is to provide state of metanalysis review of diagnosis effect, the incidence on the couple's system, the caregiver's alteration, the hidden communication's need about the sexual intimacy's problem and, at last, the patient's empowerment.

Results: In spite of the significance, the sexuality has received very little attention in the neoplastic patient and the consequence's studies that the oncological pathology has on the sexuality is restricted to very few studies. The scarcity's reason is imputable to the conviction that sexuality and oncological pathology, mostly prostatic, with the present death's idea, regarding opposite mind fields, with the wrong conclusion that the sexuality represent a “luxury” or the last priority for the patient.

Conclusion: Cancer and sexuality are not antithetical, and the sexual diseases related to cancer and its treatment should no longer be an orphan disease for a majority of patients as it is now. To council both healthcare, sexual-care and life pathways is often possible at the condition to be sensitized to oncosexual and psychosocial dimensions, to know the cancer couple particularities and to favor a multidisciplinary approach. Oncosexology is a new healthcare offer beneficial to patients, couples and even all health cares in charge of cancers as oncosexology belongs to common health in oncology.


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