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Screening for sexual dysfunction in male diabetic patients - an evidence-based review.

Dias, J1; Morrao, B2; Martins, M2; Lima, E1

1: USF Arca D'Água, Portugal; 2: UCSP Amora, Portugal

Objective(s): The main objective is to search for evidence on performing sexual dysfunction screening on male diabetic individuals and formulate recommendations on this topic. Secondly, to alert to the under diagnosis of this pathology.

Methods: An on-line search for literature published on the last ten years, on Portuguese, English or Spanish languages was performed with the terms “screening”, “erectile dysfunction”, “male sexual dysfunction” and “diabetes” on the following databases: Pubmed, Cochrane, National Guidelines Cleringhouse, Guidelines Finder, CMA Infobase, DARE and BMJ. From the thirty-three articles found, twenty nine were excluded, with 4 articles remaing: one guideline and three reviews. The conclusions were evaluated with SORT taxonomy.

Results: From the four analyzed documents resulted the following recommendations. Screening for sexual dysfunction in male diabetic patients is recommended at least once a year (C). Screening for sexual dysfunction in male diabetic patients is recommended at the first diabetes mellitus’ appointment (C). Screening for sexual dysfunction is recommended through the use validated questionnaires (International Index of Erectile Function Sexual Health Inventory for Men) (C).

Conclusions: None of the analyzed documents is a randomized clinical trial, which would provide a higher strength of recommendation. Male sexual dysfunction has numerous causes, which make it difficult to assess it from a single point of view. Although all articles recommend the screening for sexual dysfunction in male diabetic patients, more research is needed to help sustain the implementation of this practice.


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