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The impact of pregnancy and delivery on sexual life

Briedite, I1; Jansone, G1

1: Riga Maternity Hospital, Latvia

Objective. Science and medicine get more and more interested in topic of sexual health to understand and improve patients’ quality of life. Pregnancy is particulary important period when this topic becomes especially sensitive. Studies have confirmed that most of the pregnant women feel the need for reliable information about sexual activity during pregnancy. The problem is that they rarely find the opportunity to discuss this issue with their physicians. The aim of this study is to collect and analyze information given by patients in postpartum units about their opinions of necessity to talk with gynecologist about sexual life during pregnancy and about their opinions of impact of pregnancy and delivery on sexual life.

Materials and Methods. A cross-sectional study was performed. Data were obtained at Riga Maternity Hospital including 351 women in early postpartum period (1-4 days), questionnaire method was used. The study was accepted by The Ethics Committee of Riga Stradins University.

Results. Response rate reached 89.54%. Mean age was 30 years (SD 5.1; range 18–43 years). 52.1% (n = 183) reported that they were primiparous and 47.9% (n = 168) were multiparous. 92% (n = 323) had coitus during pregnancy and 8 % (n = 28) did not. 49.6% (n = 174) of the pregnant women got advice from gynecologist about their sexual life during pregnancy, but 50.4% (n = 177) did not. Importance of sexual life: 81.1% (n = 285) was important; 0.9% (n = 3) was not important; 17.9% (n = 63) have not thought about that. 29.6% (n = 104) of participants were worried about the impact of childbirth on sexual life, but 70.4% (n = 247) were not. 63.8% (n = 224) of partners participated in childbirth. 23.6% (n = 83) were worried to let partner participate in childbirth, 76.4% (n = 268) were not worried about that. 35.3% (n = 124) were worried if letting the partner to participate in childbirth would change the partner’s opinion about their sexual life.

Conclusions. Most of the women are sexually active during pregnancy and find sexual topics important. The study confirmed that more important sexual life is to woman, more is she willing to talk about it with her physician. Primiparous were more worried about childbirth’s impact on sexual life than multiparous. Primiparous were more worried compared to mutiparous that letting partner participate in delivery would change the partner’s opinion about their sexual life.


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