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The prevalence and comparison of sexual dysfunction among Egyptian expatriates, Egyptian citizens, and Saudi citizens according to (ASAS-M)

Attaky, A1

1: MD, MSC, FECSM, (Department of neuropsychiatry Al-mattaria Teaching Hospital (Cairo) Egypt and Mutmaen psychiatric center (Riyadh) KSA.

Background and Aim: sexual dysfunction (FSD) is an often common problem with significant effects on men’s quality of life, The Aim of This study to assess the prevalence of sexual dysfunction among Egyptian male citizen live in Egypt and Saudi citizen and Egyptian expatriate living in Saudi Arabia and comparative between three group in sexual dysfunction and assess the validity and reliability of New Arabic scale is Attaky Sexual Assessment Scale for men( ASAS-M), designed by researcher. little studies have focused on this issues, especially in Saudi Arabia.

Materials and Methods: The study approach under the cross-sectional, method was adopted between April and September (2017), including 540 married active Egyptian and Saudi men who are 19-50 years old excluding any organic diseases, the study population was recruited among men attending Mutmaena psychiatric center in Riyadh city and privet clinic of the researcher in Egypt, after oral consent was available personally to completed answer (ASAS–M), in a sub-sample (n =60)was examined this measure for inter-rater reliability and internal consistency and concurrent validity. The measure assesses Ten user-friendly items that determine problems of Desire, Erection, pain, sexual anxiety,and orgasm, satisfaction, interest, premature and delayed ejaculation, sexual activity, Each item on the measure is rated on a 5-point scale The overall measure has a range of scores from 40 to 200, with higher scores indicating greater overall sexual dysfunction.

Results:The internal consistency of ASAS-M (Cronbach's α > 0.8 and Spearman >0.9). A total of 540 male with mean age 37.85±9.89were studied, of them, 32.77% had sexual dysfunction and highly prevalent in Egyptian citizen 37.85% followed by Saudi citizen 32.76% Then Egyptian expatriate 29.37% and highly prevalent in the age above 50 years 25.98% (P<0.001), Premature ejaculation is leading problem 20.33% prevalent in Egyptian expatriate and followed by problems of no interest in sex 17.51% common in Saudi citizen ( P<0.03) and problems with erection 11.86% common in Egyptian male (P<0.02).Sexual anxiety 10.16% highly prevalent in Saudi male than Egyptian male (P<0.001) then problems with desire (7.90%), followed by problems with sexual activity (7.34%) both are prevalent in Egypt citizen and problems with orgasm (7.34% ) common in Egyptian expatriate, then problems with satisfaction(6.77%) prevalent in Egypt citizen (P<0.02) also sexual pain (5.64%)common in Egyptian expatriate and delayed ejaculation (5.08%) common in Saudi citizen with no significant.

Conclusion: Sexual dysfunction highly prevalent in Egyptian citizen, followed by a Saudi citizen, age and Sexual anxiety is significant factors. (ASAS-M) has acceptable reliability and validity and can be used as a measure for evaluation of the male sexual function.


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