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Clinical experience of shock waves therapy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Justo Quintas, J1; García Gómez, B2; Alonso Isa, M1; García Rojo, E1; Duarte Ojeda, JM2; De la Riva, J1; Romero Otero, J1

1: Hospital Universitario Montepríncipe, Department of Urology, Madrid, Spain; 2: Hospital Universitario La Luz, Department of Urology, Madrid, Spain

Objectives: The administration of low intensity shock waves in the penis is a new non-invasive therapy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) from vascular origin. Here, we present our preliminary clinical experience using two different devices: ED-1000 and Renova.

Material and Methods:Prospective cohort study to evaluate results obtained from ED-100 and Renova treatments following the procotol recommended by the commercial companies. Inclusion criteria: IIEF-5 <24 and vasculogenic origin. Exclusion criteria: any other origin (neurological, endocrine, vascular, psychological and surgical). Validated questionnaires IIEF-5 and SEP3 were administered at months: 0, 1, 3 and 6. Penile Doppler was performed in months 0 and 3. The perception of patient’s response was assessed. Complications were collected following the clavien criteria.

Results: 25 patients per group were included. -Risk factors: 58% HT (hypertension), 46% dyslipidemia, 23% Mellitus diabetes. Others: 22% obesity, 33%smokers, 69% sedentary lifestyle, 14% previous coronary disease. -Population: average age: 59 years old in ED-1000 group and 57 years old in Renova group. -Validated questionnaires: IIEF-5 variation at 0,1,3,6: ED-1000 (16,17,19,19) vs Renova (15,17,19,19). SEP-3 variation at 0,1,3,6: ED-1000 (35, 51, 47,42) vs Renova (37, 56, 55, 57) -Penile Doppler flow (cm/sec): 3-month increment from 30.4 to 33.8 in ED-1000 group and from 30.5 to 34.1 in Renova group. -Treatment response was proven in 44% of ED-1000 group and 46% of Renova group. Overall, 1/3 of the patients would repeat the treatment. 2/3 won’t agree. -Responders show younger average age (53 years old) than non-responders (66-year-old). -None of the patients develop adverse effects.

Conclusions: -In our clinical experience, penile shock waves therapy seems effective and safe in the treatment of ED from vascular origin. -The level of response is discrete and irregular. Only 1/3 of the patients would repeat the treatment.


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