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Corporeal rejuvenation with platelet rich plasma as a treatment for erectile dysfunction

Alkhayal, S1; Lourdes, M2

1: Alkhayal Medical Centre, United Arab Emirates; 2: Alkhayal Medical Centre

Objective: Penile Corporeal function is a key factor in the erection process. Rejuvenating the Corporeal tissues with platelet rich plasma (PRP), which is well known for its growth and healing factors, is a possible modality that has to be explored as a potential treatment for erectile dysfunction. We review the results of this treatment that was administered at our centre.

Material and Methods: 124 patients suffering from erectile dysfunction to varying degrees and comorbidities, received 10 ml of Tru PRP (Magellan arteriocyte) penile injections according to an established protocol by the American academy of cosmetic and cellular medicine (Priapus Shot). All patients had to fill in IIEF-5 questionnaire before and at least one month after treatment. GAQ and SEP-3 questions were also assessed after treatment.

Results: Full data could only be obtained on 40 patients with mean age of 43y, range (24-80). The mean IIEF-5 score before treatment was 13 (5-20) and post treatment IIEF-5 = 17 (7-24), p < 0.001. 35 out of 40 patients (85%) felt that the treatment improved their erection hardness and in 29 patients (72%) improved their ability to engage in a successful intercourse. Mean follow up 13 weeks (4-59) 8 weeks median. There were no reported side effects or any deterioration in erectile function.

Conclusion: Platelet rich plasma is a safe and effective option for penile rejuvenation and improvement of erectile function. Larger and longer-term studies are required to standardize the dose and number of injections that would be required to obtain optimal results.


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