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Gender differences in pornography consumption: a representative study in the Slovak Republic

Krejcova, L1; Chovanec, M; Weiss, P2; Klapilova, K1

1: National Institute of Mental Health, Czech Republic; 2: Institute of Sexuology, General University Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic

Objectives: The recent studies consistently confirmed that consumption of pornography materials is more common in men than in women. Moreover, gender differences in preference of various pornography contents were found – heterosexual women prefer watching more softcore and nonviolent porn in comparison to men. The aim of the present study was to investigate gender differences in prevalence of different types of pornography in the national representative sample of Slovak men and women.  

Materials and Methods: Participants were selected using quota sampling (per age category, education and region) from the national representative panel of the Slovak Republic. The final sample included a total of 432 Slovak men (mean age=41.3, SD=15.2) and 413 women (mean age=40, SD=14.6), who confirmed use of pornography. In the questionnaire about pornography consumption containing detailed list of 16 different types, all respondents rated if they have consumed such pornography type in last 6 months (yes/no). Overall frequency of pornography consumption was assessed on 9-point Likert scale.

Results: We found that men consume pornography significantly more often than women (t (843) = 14.19, p < .001). Significant gender differences in the prevalence of consumption in the last 6 month were found in almost all consumed pornography types. Men were found to consume group sex, female to female sexual activities, or paraphilic contents such as fetish or incest themes significantly more than women. In turn, women were found to consume sexual foreplay and BDSM theme with dominant man significantly more than men (all p < .025). On the other hand, no gender differences were found in consumption of usual heterosexual activities, gay sex, or paraphilic contents such as BDSM theme with dominant women, sex interaction with animal and children, or raping theme.

Conclusion: The results are generally consistent with previous findings about gender differences in sexual fantasy contents, somewhat surprising result is equal prevalence of paedophilic and zoophilic contents in both sexes. Our study is one of the first nationally representative studies worldwide focused on prevalence of consumption of different pornography contents, at the same time it offers the first complex empirical look at pornography consumption in men and women in the Slovak Republic.


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