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Pillow talk – Female partner the key factor in men´s sexual dysfunction rehabilitation

Rocha Silva, C1; Martins, S1; Silva, C1; Nave, C1; Jorge Silva, J1; Ramos, R1

1: Instituto Portugues de Oncologia de Lisboa, Portugal


Objective: Characterize the male population with Sexual Dysfunction after cancer treatment follow in the Oncosexology male appointments in Portuguese Oncological Institute Oncosexology Clinic (Oncosex IPOL);

Demonstrate the importance of female partner in men`s sexual rehabilitation and sexual satisfaction within sexual activity; Present the benefits in involving female partners in the men’s rehabilitation programs

Methods: A Retrospective and qualitative study based on nurses appointment observation, couple interview, analyses of appointments data, documents and International Index Erection Function (IIEF-5) score of sexual satisfaction.

Results: The cancer treatments cause a huge emotional and physical damage with a direct impact in relations, sexual function and sexual intercourse. The Oncosex IPOL male appointment follows 207 patients, underwent cancer surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy for different cancer pathology. The loss of erectile function is the most common cause of male sexual dysfunction (84.54%) or is the most valued by health professional that screen and forwards the male patients to us. But at the same time many men believes that overcoming erectile dysfunction is the first step to recover their sexual lives and sexual satisfaction.The efficacy of rehabilitation programs are conditioned by several factors like previous capacity to sexual activity, type of pathology and incidence of treatment, presence of co-morbidities and medication, individual perception of sexual satisfaction, expectations and female partner attitude!Evaluate the female partner perspective and expectation with men´s sexual rehabilitations is crucial to programs efficacy. Listen and discuss the female partner perspective of the impact that sexual/erectile dysfunction has on their sexual lives, the way that intimacy has been managed and what she values more to her sexual satisfaction is fundamental.On the other side is important that female partner recognize the importance that erectile and penetrative capacity as for man.

Conclusions: Include female partner in the rehabilitation program plan rise couple communication, involve both partners in discovering their sexual craving needs and enhance variety to love making. So, this is the key factor to achieve couple sexual satisfaction.


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