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Viewing time and penile plethysmography measurement in a group of admitting pedophiles

Trojan, O1; Weiss, P2; Klapilova, K3Wells, T4

1: TH clinic, Czech Rep.; 2: Instit. of Sexology, Char.Univ.,CZ; 3: NUDZ, Czech Rep.; 4: NUDZ, Czech Rep

Rationale/Background: Penile plethysmography (PPG) measures reaction of these men in response either to visual stimuli or to erotic narrative stories including child objects. Penile plethysmography seems to be quite intrusive assessment method, so viewing time might be a good alternative if accuracy proven.

Research Questions: The present study aimed to determine how the viewing time results correlate with penile response in reaction to naked male/female photos stimuli in 6 stages of sexual development.

Method: Participants were 30 self-referred admitting paedophiles aged between 18 and 55 in experimental group (preferred age and sex category of child object was stated in questionnaire), and 30 heterosexual gynephile men in coparison group. The set of photographs depicting naked adults in addition to male and female children in 6 age categories ranging from young infants to adolescents (categories assessed according to Tanner, 1962) was used, same set of 38 stimuli for PPG (first) and VT (after).

Results: Data were analysed using a single level fixed effects model. The final model showed that subjective ratings and preferred age category positively and significantly predicted PPG measures. Preferred orientation was found to improve the model but was a non-significant predictor. Effect coding used to consider the effect of adult stimuli and general effects of male and female child stimuli relative to neutral stimuli was not found. and data corellated with using ANOVA.

Conclusions: PPG measurement of sexual arousal in reaction to nude photographs appears to show most precisely the preferred age category of admitting paedophiles as well as in HT men. Visual time can be used for less precise diagnostic proces, but still have its value being less intrusive and less time consuming. Especially if positive diagnosis of paedophinlia found, viewing time can serve for its fast support.


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