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The prevalence of sexual dysfunction and its related to personality traits in Arab women living in Saudi Arabia

Attaky, A1; Mustafa, EHAB ELDEN 2; Elagamy, ELSAYED3

1: MD, MSC, FECSM, (Department of neuropsychiatry Al-mattaria Teaching Hospital (Cairo) Egypt and Mutmaen psychiatric center (Riyadh) KSA.; 2: neuropsychiatry Assuit university(Egypt) ; 3: of urology and Andrology al azher university(Egypt)

Background and Aim: Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is an often common problem with significant effects on women’s quality of life and characters of personality play an active role in the individual's. The purpose of This study to assess the prevalence of sexual dysfunction among Arab women living in Saudi Arabia and to determine personality characteristics in female with sexual dysfunction and female without sexual dysfunction , little studies and data has focused on this area especially in Arabian countries

Materials and Methods: The study approach under the descriptive research, method was adopted in The present investigation during the year 2017 between January and June, including 85 married active Women who are 19 -50 years old live in Saudi Arabia, the study population was recruited among women attending Mutmaena medical psychiatric center in Riyadh city, and after oral consent were available face to face to completed answer (The Brief Sexual Symptom Checklist for women) to assess sexual satisfaction and desire and genital sensation and vaginal lubrication and orgasmic dysfunctions and pain during sex and this study investigated the relationship between personality characteristics (as indexed by Saudi version of the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire (EPQ-R) with four personality Dimensions: Extraversion/Introversion(E),Neuroticism/Stability(N), and Psychoticism/Socialisation(P) And Dissimulation\Social Desirability(L) of Two group

Results : A total of 85female with mean age mean age 30.6±9.4 were studied, of them 35.29% had not satisfied with their sexual function (significant). Problems with little or no interest in sex is leading problem 33.33% and the second problem is Problems with decreased vaginal lubrication (dryness) 23.33% then Problems with decreased genital sensation is 16.6% , the Problem of reaching orgasm is the fourth common problem estimated 13.33%. The little problem is problems with pain during sex 6.67 % and the most common personality dimension in female with sexual dysfunction is Neuroticism 50% (significant) but non significant comparing with normal female then Extraversion 23.33% then psychoticism 20% and Dissimulation 6.67% but the most common personality dimension in normal female is extraversion 40% (significant) then Neuroticism 30.91% then psychoticism16.36% and Dissimulation 12.73%. Neuroticism is the most common dimension in female suffering from pain during sex (non significant) and Extraversion(E) common in female suffering from decreased vaginal lubrication (dryness) but no significant

Conclusion: In This research will provide a basic knowledge about prevalence of female sexual dysfunctions and personality characteristics in female sexual dysfunction and Neuroticism and Extraversion are significant factors


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