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Erectile dysfunction and associated risk factors in infertile Chinese men

Bin, Y1; Hongjun, L1

1: Peking Union Medical Hospital, China

Objective: The study is to attain the representative occurrence estimate of ED in the Chinese men with infertility and to analyze potential risk factors associated with ED by demographics, socioeconomic status and medical comorbidities.

Material and Methods: From July 2016 to September 2016, a total of 4299 consecutive men with infertility were enrolled from 29 urological clinics in different regions of mainland China. Each of them completed a detailed questionnaire on demographics information, sexual and medical histories, 5-items International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) score.

Results: A majority of them had mild ED (34.9%) and severe ED only accounted for 2.6%. Secondary infertility, infertility with known causes and chronic prostatitis were determined to be significant risk factors associated with ED. 65.3% of infertile men were aware of their spouses’ periodical ovulatory dates and had tried timely ovulatory intercourse for conception. The timely ovulatory intercourse failure (TOIF) was reportedly up to 26.2% in infertile Chinese males. Overall, it was significantly higher in infertile men with ED (23.3%) than those without ED (8.6%), indicating that TOIF is likely a contributing factor for male infertility.

Conclusions: The national representative occurrence of ED was determined for the first time in the Chinese men with infertility.


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