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Influence of partner sexuality on the sexual activity of aged men and women

Ati, N1; Elati, Z2; Manitta, M3; Mnasser, A3; Zakhama, W3; Binous, MY3

1: departement of urology,Taher Sfar Hospital Mahdia, Tunisia; 2: departement of nephrology hemodialysis,Taher Sfar Hospital, Mahdia , Tunisia; 3: departement of urology, Taher Sfar Hospital, Mahdia , Tunisia

Introduction: The aim of this study was to demonstrate the Influence of partner sexuality on the sexual activity of aged Tunisian men and women.

Materials and methods: A prospective study with a questionnaire for patients over 60 years who consulted in the urology department of urology Mahdia Hospital for health issues not related to sexuality.

Result(s): The study included 60 men with an average age of 69.5 (60-80 years) and 40 women with an average age of 60.15 (60-70 years).Among men, 75% are still having a satisfying sexual activity with variable intensity (0.4-1.4/week), 25% have no sexual activity since years. An erection dysfunction was found among 58.3%. The reaction of the feminine partner was comprehensive in 45% of cases. In the other cases, we noted a total indifference (19%), avoidance (22.5%), nervousness and irritability (13.5%). In case of dysfunction, men incriminate conjugal conflict in 6.6% of cases, failure phobia in 30% and menopause of the partner or her disinterest for sex in 30%. Concerning women, only 22 % of them still have a sexual activity after menopause with an average frequency of 2 sexual intercourses per month. Sexual partner’s performance was satisfying only in only 19.2% of cases. Otherwise we reported an erection dysfunction (38.5%), a disinterest (30.8%) and no sexual activity (11.5%). A failing or absent sexuality of the partner was directly incriminated by 65.4% of women as the mean cause of the sexual dysfunction.

Conclusion(s): The quality of relationship among aged men and women has a major impact on their sexual activity. The mutual comprehension, complicity and intimacy allow aged people to keep a rich and fulfilling sex life regardless of its qualitative aspect.


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