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Severe penile curvature correction with autologous foreskin graft

Ortiz Perojo, R1Lahoz Garcia, C1; Diaz Naranjo, S1; Moya Villalvilla, I1; Velasco Sastre, E1; Ulloa Espinel, JM1; Bermudez Villaverde, R1; Garcia Rodriguez, V1; Muñoz Delgado, B1; Sanz Sacristan, J1

1: Hospital General de Segovia, Spain

Purpose: To show a correction of Penile curvature associated with a tissue defect in the corpora cavernosa treated by grafting corporoplasty using preputial skin graft along with corpora plication.

Material and Methods: A 36 years old male patient at the moment of surgery with penile curvature for the last 4 years with stabilization for almost 12 months that caused pain during the intercourse and who was looking for a new child is presented. No erectile dysfunction was reported. Physical examination showed a hypoplasia of the right corpora cavernosa at the penis base. Injection-induced erection evidenced a penile curvature of 45 degrees to the right. Surgical technique consisted of a circumcision and penile degloving, localization of the default and a H-shaped resection of a small part of the albuginea in this area, followed by circumcision to obtain a foreskin graft which was prepared prior to its suture to the right corpora with a continuous suture. It was set a new artificial erection to check the good position of the graft and a ventral curvature was corrected by plicature of the right corpora. It was set a vesical catheter. After 3 days, the patient was discharge from hospital.

Results: Patient was evaluated 10 days after hospital discharge. Graft area showed a good aspect and it was not painful. Patient expressed good erections but still curvature was presented. After 8 months of follow up, patient described sexual intercourse as much more comfortable and without pain.

Conclusions: Penile curvature is a relatively common disease. Multiple surgical techniques have been described to date but none of them clearly preferable than the others. Grafting corporoplasty is one of them. Many types of grafts have been used (autologous grafts, allografts, xenografts, synthetic grafts). Preputial skin graft is a good quality graft, inexpensive and located in the area of surgery, besides complications are scarce with this technique and has a total biocompatibility.


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