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Pericardial matrix for cavernous grafting: an effective procedure for increasing the penile girth

Colombo, F1; Gentile, G1; Franceschelli, A1; Bianchi, L2; Sadini, P2

1: Andrology Unit, Dept. of Urology and Gynecology, University Hospital s.Orsola, Italy.; 2: Dept. of Urology and Gynecology, University Hospital s.Orsola, Italy.

Objectives: This video shows the main steps of a surgical technique for penis enlargement by using two strips of acellular matrix of bovine pericardium for widening the corpora cavernosa.

Materials and Methods: a 35 years old patient, caucasian, with high cultural level always interested in undergoing surgery to enlarge his penis. He came to our Institution in 2014 and was immediately directed to a psychotherapeutic path for over 1 year, after which confirmed the strong determination to undergo surgery, comforted by the authorization obtained by the psychotherapist. So we performed a surgical procedure of penile enlargement through a first step of the suspensory ligament division followed by a widening corporoplasty, consisting in a bilateral cavernous grafting with Veritas®.After the precise measurement of penile length and girth, both in flaccidity, during stretched condition and lastly in pharmaco-erection, the suspensory ligament division is performed through a V-shaped skin incision and a pubo-cavernous spacer is positioned. The second phase of the procedure starts with the complete degloving conducted to the root of the penile shaft followed by the bilateral longitudinal paraurethral incision of the Buck’s fascia, until the cavernous albuginea becomes visible. Albuginea is incised bilaterally by the scalpel along the whole length of the shaft on the lateral side at 3 and 9 o’clock. Then two strips of Veritas® of appropriate length and shape are grafted bilaterally using a running suture of Vicryl 4-0.

Results: At the end of the procedure is observable a considerable and homogeneous increase of the girth of the corpora cavernosa

Conlcusions: At 5 month follow-up, encouraging and steady results obtained, especially in terms of penile girth increasing, both in flaccidity and in erection


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